Baseball Drill – Throw with a Partner

BEHIND THE DRILL: One of the first things you see prior to practice or a game is two lines of players playing catch.  This is great for developing good throwing fundamentals but needs to be done correctly.  You can even make a game of it.

SKILL LEVEL: All levels

DRILL TYPE: Throwing and Catching

PURPOSE: To help develop accurate throwing skills and improve catching ability


PLAYERS: Minimum of two players.

TIME: 10 minutes


  1. Line the players up on two lines about 10 feet apart to start. If you are on a baseball field I usually set up one line on the left or right field foul line and the other about 10 feet into the outfield.
  2. Players should be directly across from each other.
  3. Have the players get ready to receive the ball.  Have them put their gloves up around the center of their chest to give the thrower a target to aim at.
  4. One player starts by throwing the ball to the other who catches it.  That player will now throw the ball back to the other player.
  5. Continue this for 3 to 5 throws each and then back them up to 15 feet.  Continue moving back a few feet after successful throws.  This will obviously need to be adjusted based on the age group you are working with.


  • Make sure the players are using correct throwing fundamentals.
  • This is a throwing drill to teach accuracy so make sure you get your players throwing to the chest of the other player.
  • Add a game element to the drill by having the players keep score.  They get one point for each ball that is caught by the other player.  You can give them an objective to reach like 50 or 100.
  • You can also have the players compete against each other.  If you have 6 groups of 2 players you could keep score by having each group compete to get to 25.  Once they get to 25 you could have them sit.  Once you get 3 groups to 25 then declare them the winners.  The other 3 groups would have to pick up baseball and equipment at the end of practice.
  • Lot’s of other variations I’m sure you can think of.

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