Electing a baseball throwing drill to develop good young arms

Developing a well-rounded baseball player at an early age is a tremendous responsibility taken on by Little League baseball coaches across the world. Teaching proper hitting mechanics, proper base-running techniques, and developing a strong throwing arm make up vital components important to that development. However, understanding and utilizing a proper youth baseball throwing drill may be one of the more important components in order to not only develop good throwing arms, but also to eliminate bad throwing habits that could injure a young baseball player in later years.

A strong youth baseball throwing drill will help to prevent elbow and shoulder injuries, and should be incorporated as a component into every single practice. The key to any successful youth baseball throwing drill is repetition. Young players need to learn to throw the correct way consistently, thousands of times in order to develop the proper throwing mechanics.

Many baseball coaching experts are big proponents of a youth baseball throwing drill that starts with the young player with the knee of his throwing arm on the ground, with the other leg extended outward. From this position, the player is forced to concentrate on proper upper body mechanics. This drill is especially important in isolating the top part of the body to ensure the proper release and follow through of the throw itself.

Players from this position should also make sure that their knuckles are pointed skyward to ensure accuracy of the throw, and their fielding glove and alignment of the ball behind them should be in direct line with their target. If not properly aligned, the player would be forced to compensate by either throwing across his body or opening his shoulder during delivery of the throw.

After release of the throw, the playerís body should be perfectly aligned in facing his target, with a full follow through across the body. Once the follow through is completed, the player’s eyes should be looking directly at their target.

This is a great youth baseball throwing drill in several ways. First, the drill can be completed through a number of repetitions, in order to re-align proper mechanics. Second, it helps train a young player the proper upper body mechanics to use with each throw, and last, it is a drill that can taught to the entire team, provided the coaches are watching closely to correct any inconsistencies.

With the increasing numbers of shoulder and elbow injuries seen later in life as a result of poor throwing mechanics, starting a Little League player with the right youth baseball throwing drill will go a long way in ensuring a strong arm and injury free baseball career.

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