Throwing the Baseball Tips


  1. Use a four-seam grip whenever throwing to a teammate on defense.
  2. Grip the ball lightly in the fingers, not in the palm, as if holding an egg.
  3. Grip the ball with two fingers, laying the index and middle fingers next to the “horseshoe and across the seams.
  4. Younger players with smaller hands can use three fingers.
  5. Space the index and middle fingers slightly apart to minimize “drag” on the ball.
  6. Place the thumb under the ball; the thumb should not “creep” up alongside the ball.
  7. Remove the ball from the glove and take it down, out, and up to a position pointing away from the target. (This is a small circular motion.)
  8. Shift weight to back foot as arm goes back away from target.
  9. Keep hand (fingers) on top of the ball, shifting behind the ball as the arm comes forward.
  10. Keep elbow above the shoulder, forming an “L” as the ball is released.
  11. Point the front shoulder at the target.
  12. Step toward the target, transferring weight to front foot.
  13. Release ball as arm comes forward.
  14. Continue moving toward target after ball is released.

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